Silent Borders

Every language consists of words as much as silences; whenever we choose to say something, there are always things we are not saying. Language is a vehicle for organising our thoughts and communicating them. Every language is equipped with different labels and categories but is also limited by them.

Some emotions, thoughts and concepts are untranslatable and get stuck behind the borders of that particular language. At the same time they might represent something essential to the culture that refuses to be translated. What happens to those untranslatable concepts in a border region like Mardin where many cultures converge? Are there borders that can be silenced by the sounds of those different languages you can hear in the streets of Mardin?

In this workshop we will explore how these silent borders behave and how they are affected by those untranslatable concepts. We will reflect upon the existing limitations of language and see how we can establish an alternative vocabulary through art where different rules apply.

1 June 2018 Mardin Cinema Association 17:00 - 19:00

Inez Piso is residing between Amsterdam and Istanbul. She studied Art History and holds a MA in History of Contemporary Art and Visual Culture from the Universidad Autónoma Madrid. She worked at the exhibition departments of the MNCARS Reina Sofía and CA2M Dos de Mayo Art Center. She worked as an assistant curator for ARCOMadrid. Her recent curatorial projects have been Living with Ghosts at Schloss Ringenberg (DE), Breathing Space, a performative project at the Arnhem Museum (NL), De Schaduw van de Haan at the Vishal (NL) and Silent Dance at Aksanat in Istanbul. Currently she works on a research project on the undiscerned silence in Istanbul.

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