Pelesiyer is an art project. Pelesiyer separates its participants from their own art perceptions or from the subjects that they deal with and lead them to produce from scratch back again in a place where Pelesiyer is. Pelesiyer, to which everybody who is in arts can participate, leaves the artists alone in an independent place and asks them to forget about what they had been doing until then and produce a brand new art work. We call it a sort of catharsis. Pelesiyer provides a new playground for its participants. The works produced in this place are recorded through photography or video and then they are shown in the website for two months. After 2 months, the show is over and archived until a new action is realised.


Exhibited Works

“Lie Off”, 2018, video loop

“As we are directing our gaze from Mardin in the direction of Mesopotamia, we can still see the image of the sea that once was believed to be there. This illusion paves the way to a journey towards timelessness. We turn our eyes on a Mesopotamia of a different time; we are waiting for something of a bygone era to arrive in our day, or maybe we are looking at the sea of ancient times and awaiting it’s impossible arrival, because we are expecting something of a distant past in an unexpected timeline. The only thing converging the scattered points of a distant past is the land we stand on: Mardin. We shall take a look from the farthest point possible and return to our starting point in a manner befitting the name of Mardin, which openly presents its past image on its landscape. Our intention is to create a slight time lapse in perception and once there did indeed exist a sea where today land extends”.

Venue:Mor Efrem Monastery